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Ajest Jedgar F. Roguepalace was the firstborn of Gilltian Jedgar F. Roguepalace, the current emperor of the Hebrion Empire and thus the heir to the Hebrion throne.

To maintain her anonymity, Ajest enrolled into the Hebrion Academy as a member of the noble Kingscrown family.


Ajest Kingscrown was a tall and beautiful young woman. She has long blonde hair with braids.

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Initially Ajest was a cold person and she tends to be uninterested about other people. She was desolate and completely bored until she met Desir. Because he taught her how to lose for the very first time and particular get the most character development through their interactions and trainings with him.

Over time, Ajest begins to warm up to others, mainly thanks to the Desir's influence. Though despite growing more friendly and warm, she still keeps secrets, such as her identity as the Empire's Crown Princess, hidden from Desir and her fellow party members, afraid that if he knew, he would treat her differently than he does now. Though she is greatly relieved when he doesn't treat her any differently when eventually does find out.


Alternate Life

Ajest was one of the six survivors of the Shadow Labyrinth who defeated Brohmier Napolitan. According to Desir, she was the core figure of their attack force in the [[Shadow World]]. Also he stated that she was a fearsome warrior that hated losing, for countless of years in the Shadow World no one can compete against her therefore she became bored.

The last 6 survivors in the Shadow World

Ajest along with the remaining survivors sat down after a long battle against defeated Brohmier Napolitan and discussed the battle with each other. She sat away from the rest of the group, she didn't mince any words but she simply listen to their stories. Until Raphael asked her what she will do after. With her blank expression, Ajest looks away and completely ignored Raphael. After that awkward scene, a powerful surge of mana roared forth in Napolitan's heart that is ready to explode. That kind of power is equivalent to a 7th Tiered Spell, that alone can wipe out the entire survivors within the vicinity. With their fate is inevitable, the rest of the survivors faced their untimely deaths.


Entrance Exam Arc

What a coindcidence...

Ajest was the mentee of Elheim Triquincy during the first entrance examination in Hebrion Academy, initially she was quiet with her mentor when she met Radoria and her mentee.

Main Heroine Spotted

Adjest Surprise.png

According to Alfheim, he told Radoria that her mentee together with the others were on the same group placements. He bragged that her mentee is a Third Circle ice elemental magic swordsman and can utilize vision magic and concluded that the match is already over to begin with because of her status. Afterwards they walked past her competitor(and comrade in her past life Desir Arman) and head towards the waiting room.

She was seen silently cleaning and preparing her sword before they enter the Shadow World. After cleaning her sword they went in the Shadow World and then she met her weakest competitor after greeting her. She declared that she won't attack him due to his insufficient magic tier level and poor physical level abilities. As the match starts she was immediately ahead of the race, after Romantica cast her wind magic she was able to cut the wind and was able to lead the race. In the later part of the race Ajest was almost near in the finish line, until Desir was able to catch up with her. Without any hesitation she cast numerous ice spells in an instant to defeat him, but unfortunately for her it was analyzed in an instant and altered the course of the lethal spells the Ajest casted. Without wasting any time she immediately cast another spell to defeat him but instead to defeat him, Desir analyzed it and used the magic explosion to propel himself to the finish line leaving Ajest sheathed her sword and the taste of her defeat for the very first time.

Alpha Class Arc / Single Ranker Arc

Ajest is determined to beat Desir

Few months later after the first entrance examination, Ajest joined the Blue Moon Party led by Professor Pugman.

After they heard the news about Desir's Party was going to participate in the promotional test to have their party included in the Alpha Class and obtain their special title. Professor Pugman was infuriated about the news he heard, he threw an ink bottle on the floor and a paper to Ajest. After he calmed down, he appointed Ajest as the leader of the First Year Student in the Blue Moon Party with the purpose of eliminating Desir's Party in the Shadow World.

She officially declared war against Desir

Ajest left Desir with her resolve of beating him

Ajest recalled her memory on the first time they've met in the entrance exam, she didn't forgot the day when she lost to Desir and she declared that she will not make anymore mistakes and she will fight him with everything she had. After the meeting Ajest met her party members and ask to leave Pram and Romantica up to them for personal reasons. Ajest wasn't interested about what was going to happen to them but she ordered her party members to leave Desir up to her.

Ajest cuts the Kildra Mouse in half

Coincidentally Ajest met Desir and the other party members in the library after Romantica dropped her book, then after she sat and spoke with Desir that she was declaring war against them. She apologized to Desir for looking down on him during the entrance exam and told him that she will do whatever she can to defeat him afterwards she left Desir in the library to prepare for their upcoming battle.

As the day of the promotional exam comes, all of the other parties are ready and waiting until Desir's party came and made the crowd up in their feets to cheer them on. Ajest stared Desir with the intention of beating him in the promotional exam, afterwards the 30 participants of the promotional exam entered into the [[Shadow World]]. In the Shadow World 6 contestants was already been eliminated and the remaining 24 participants are still fighting inside, Ajest on the other hand already gathered all of her remaining party members in the Shadow World until the Frevius Clock Tower has been set to spawn 1 Demonic Creature per hour.

Adjest Protects her party from the sniper

They currently received a quest to subdue all the Demonic Creatures in the forest, Ajest was able to identify and swiftly eliminate the main body of the Demonic Creature in the forest after killing it the rest of the rats have dispersed. They received a new quest to stop the clock tower and its power source. Her party member confirmed that 2 of the participants of the Blue Moon Party had already been eliminated in the Shadow World it means that they are only 7 left remaining in the Blue Moon Party. As Ajest ordered her party member to gather their positions and head over the clock tower suddenly she noticed some wind in the surroundings then she immediately cast her ice pillar to protect her party member from the sniper, she immediately ordered her party to maintain its strategic position.

"What a foolish plan" - Ajest Kingscrown

She noticed the weather is bad and so the morale of her party and the attack from the sniper earlier, she realized that they were in a bad position because the enemy was able to locate and attack them at the same time as they were headed to the clock tower. As they arrived in the Frevius Clock Tower, they saw other parties and blamed them for the attack earlier in the forest. Ajest was looking for Desir and his party at the entrance of the clock tower but she didn't find them. So Ajest came to a conclusion that Desir is the only one who attacked them, she assumed that their plan wasn't to clear the quest objective in the Shadow World but to enter within the top 9 rankings through free for all battle royale with the other parties. So Ajest immediately ordered her party to locate and stop Desir while she will hold the remaining 6 parties by herself. After subduing the remaining parties she ran to the top floor of the clock tower and they met Desir.

Ajest is having a hard time against him

Ajest along with Donovan Hound and Fasibar Aseguniche confront Desir Arman and his party, she immediately cast an ice pillar to Desir so she can settle her unfinished business with him. After she cast her ice pillar she told Desir to get up and fight her, she realized that Desir had already cast some spells against her so she immediately cast defensive spells but it was already analyzed by the latter and told her it was only a warm greeting. She cast some enhancement spells to walk in the air but it was analyzed by Desir, she have some thoughts about some certain limitations on his analysis. She then cast another ice spell but it turned into water when she about to cast another spell and it was immediately analyzed and Desir on the other hand cast some fire magic and trap magic against Ajest.

Ajest wasn't expecting him to be this good

Desir was impressed the Ajest didn't suffer any damages, then Ajest asked him about her skills and abilities are above his but she can't seem to find a way to beat him. Ajest not only was upset because she didn't beat Desir in a straight up magic duel but also she hates to admit that in terms of a psychological battle tactic she was completely outmatched, so then she decides to fight him in close quarter combat, she immediately lunged at Desir to strike him but unfortunately for her it was easily blocked by Desir by using his short sword. Ajest was shocked about how he easily blocked that attack and she didn't expect that he had many countermeasures against a magic swordsman such as her, then Desir told her that his limit was about 5 minutes. Ajest wasn't naive enough to trust him, due to her frustration she immediately rushed and attack him over and over again like their lives are on the line. Desir on the other hand was able to hold on against Ajest, no matter how fast she cast her magic nor she swing her sword viciously or even with the wide difference between their strength and experience, Desir was able to parry Ajest and catch up to her in terms of swordsmanship.

She unleashed her Trump Card the "Ice Palace"

In the midst of their heated battle, Desir asked Ajest if she was having fun at their duel. Ajest was confused about what he had said to her, she told him she wasn't sure if she was having fun but all she ever wanted is to defeat him and asked him what's the point of making admit her that she was having fun in this fight. Desir told her to pour all of her power against him and Ajest accepts his proposal and cast her trump card. Suddenly the surroundings, the objects and the atmosphere started freezing all over the ceiling of the clock tower. A palace made out of ice emerged in the center of the room, Ajest stands in her throne like a queen and cast hundreds of different spells in an instant without any limitations to the caster herself.

Her ultimate skill is "Magic Sword"

Even she has unlimited spells and cast cast hundreds of spells at the same time it was easily analyzed by Desir. Ajest was thinking on what Desir can't analyze she thought her swordsmanship, then after she realize Desir can't analyze her swordsmanship techniques and also she shouldn't be casting magic to her enemy that can easily be abolished so instead she tries to infuse her magic together with her sword.

Ajest first genuine smile in the final stages of their duel

A blue light enveloped in her sword after she managed to infuse her very magic to her sword, her opponent was so amazed by her action. Ajest didn't realized that she would normally learned this skill 10 years from now, because of her burning desire to beat the man in front of her it allowed her to understand this powerful skill. The frigid Ice Palace was crumbling after she applied all of her magic into her sword as she bet everything on this final move "Magic Sword - Ice Wave" to beat Desir. Desir on the other dropped his short sword and raised his hand then Ajest rushed and pointed her sword in Desir's neck. A drop of blood fell from his neck while she looked and genuinely smiles at him due to the climax of their heated duel that she had finally beat him. She noticed his expression showed no disappointment of his loss nor the fear in her overwhelming strength but a smile of victory, Ajest realized that the battle wasn't over yet, but it was already too late for her because Desir was able to analyzed the whole clock tower and clear the main quest of the Shadow World. Upon the results of the Single Ranker list based on their contribution in the Shadow World Desir was first and Ajest was only second in the promotional exams. Professor Pugman saw the results of the match, he threw his staff out of frustration and went to look the match in the security room to review the match if there is any foul play in the promotional exam.


Ajest is a Magic Swordsman meaning that she balances both magic and martial arts

Magic - It is said that ajest has duel elements, ice and lightning, but for personal preference or unknown reason ajest is most akin to using ice based magics

Swordsmanship - due to her background, it more likely to say that ajest practices a royal style of a great sword

Magic Sword - The ultimate technique for a Magic Swordsman. Very similar to Aura, the user Channels magic into the sword creating a stronger blade and having the effects of magic applied as well.


Desir Arman

Adjest considers Desir Arman as her rival, mentor and leader. She is curious to his actual identity. She is concerned for his safety and later grows romantic feelings for him.

At the end of the novel both of them confessed their feelings to each other.

  • Professor Nipheleka
  • Elheim Triquincy

Elheim Triquincy was Ajest’s mentor during the Entrance Examination. He also in the same Blue Moon Party as her.


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