Alpha Class was one of the two classes of Hebrion Academy. It was almost entirely composed of nobles.

Technically, Hebrion Academy still placed the most skilled students in the Alpha Class. But most of those students were nobles who had been systematically trained from the beginning of their education.

That’s why the Alpha Class had an aristocratic, superiority-obsessed air to it. And in that sort of atmosphere, a commoner with the appropriate skills would sometimes rightly qualify for the Alpha Class—but they would always be pushed back into the Beta Class.

After the numerous feats made by Desir Arman and his Starling Party, commoners were accepted to the Alpha Class right after the Entrance Examinations.

Education[edit | edit source]

Alpha Class students received excellent lessons from the faculty’s most brilliant professors. As such, the faculty, carefully and with great passion, nurtured the Alpha Class and ensured they received the best attention the professors could offer. With this, their talents would surely awaken. They would inevitably become excellent combatants that would conquer the Shadow Worlds.

Single Rankers[edit | edit source]

All Single Rankers will be assigned to the Alpha Class regardless of their social standings.

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