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Argeria G. Roglan Nimbias was Hebrion Academy’s number one Single Ranker of the 170th batch, Leader of the Blue Moon Party. He graduated as part of the Alpha Class' knight curriculum before Year 3614 Spring.



Color #98fb98


Argeria possesses an extreme muscular toned tanned body of masculine epitome. His mint-green hair is a central long hair mohawk and a ponytail tied to the back from single braids on both sides of his head. He has sharp eyes with mint-green pupils and single green tattoos below each eye. He wears is outer top student uniform as an accessory cloth, pridefully showing his muscle-bound body through his tight elastic short-sleeved black inner wear that ends at the middle of his abdomen, hugging his extremely define upper body muscles. He intiially wears an orange earring on his right ear and the Herbrion Academy's over-the-knee boots.


Argeria's attire during the winter's Founding Festival is a hooded brown trench coat with long brown pants.


Upon reuniting with Desir during the war, he now wears a silver ear cuff and ear ring on both ears, with dark plain over-the-knee boots instead. In battle, Argeria wears his infiltration mantle (destroyed during the initial attack), sturdy gray leather combat over-the-knee boots, leather utility belt around his waist, and a plate gauntlet to support his right forearm's load while a cloth bracer on his left arm. He also wears a large leather breast plate for spearman-ease-of-movement.



Argeria's Great Body

The manhwa displays him as prideful in his musculature and a partial-arrogant combat streak as a student. However, in front of reality, Argeria presents a level-headed humbleness with compassion for his comrades and fellow associates' lives.

Argeria believed and used his combat ability to prove his path towards becoming his Year's Number 1 Single Ranker.

The Webnovel protrays him to generally call non-Nobles as "Commoners", but Argeria's pride as a Noble is not higher than his value of people's lives, acknowledging his lack in commanding ability compared to Desir Arman in the Dungeon Invasion incident. He later strive to improve himself as a respectable Knight and Captain post-graduation.

Eienbez's Dungeon Invasion

As the Third Year’s first ranked Single Ranker, Argeria led the Blue Moon Party during the Dungeon Invasion.

Despite technically having the highest seniority among the students present, Argeria relinquished the command of his party and handed it over to Desir.

The reason for his decision was because in his opinion, Desir Arman was the better leader and commander than he is. And the best commander should be the one leading the group, regardless of their social standing.

In the Manhwa, Argeria is shown to have participated in the nearby town's winter Hebrion Empire's Founding Festival and competed against Adjest in a single punching game.[7]

Founding Festival - Winter (Argeria's Back)


Post-Graduation, Argeria entered the Hebrion Empire's military.

A Soldier in a War

Argeria joins Desir's small combat group to nocturnally defeat the homunculus. In the Manhwa Chapter 164~166, they encounter the Outsider group lead by Crow Mask, therefore, Argeria buys time for the Starling Party to defeat the homunculus by directly stalling Crow Mask.

Skills and Abilities

Aura: By the time Argeria was a Third Year student of the Alpha Class at Hebrion Academy, he had become a Rook/Tower-class (Webnovel)/Bishop-class (Manhwa) Aura user expert.

Leadership: Argeria had the experience of leading the members of the Blue Moon party and launching numerous expeditions into difficult Shadow Worlds. He was later assigned by Royal Guard Desir to command their large forces while Desir leads a small independant force during the battle.[8]

Ambidexterity: During the Eienbez's Dungeon Invasion, Argeria exhibited his ambidextrious ability with weapons after injuring his dominant right arm (Manhwa)/shield arm (Webnovel), but still able to not decrease his combat ability and strength throughout the raid.

Swordsmanship: During the Eienbez's Dungeon Invasion, Argeria is using a sword with his left arm. During the co-op to fight against the Outsiders, Argeria is noted by Royal Guard Desir as their school's top swordsman of his year.[9]

Shield Technique:[10] During the Eienbez's Dungeon Invasion, Argeria is using a shield with his right arm.

Spearmanship (Three-prong Spear):[11] During the Church of Artemis Paladins' invasion of Kansas (Webnovel), Argeria is shown to use a spear as his main weapon, while he uses the spear since his first appearance (Manhwa) in the story.

  • (Manhwa, Self-Made) Roglan Spear Style: Centipede Hunt[12], Shark Net[13], Shark Crash[13]


Desir Arman

After the events of Eienbez’s Dungeon, Argeria has nothing but respect towards Desir Arman. He constantly remembers Desir as his ideal commander to reach, frequently recalling their time in Eienbez's Dungeon.

Desir deeply remembers Argeria as a trusted comrade and worthy to lead others as his second-in-command during the war with the Outsiders. Desir is later shocked by Argo using Argeria's Aura in their final battle.


  • Argeria is more expressed and shows combat in the Manhwa compared to the Webnovel. He also has more personality and appearance defined.
  • Argeria is a Rook-class Aura swordsman Knight in the Webnovel's Dungeon Invasion while a Bishop-class Aura spearman Knight in the Manhwa's Dungeon Invasion.
    • During the Church of Artemis' Invasion War, Argeria is noted to wield a spear in the Webnovel.
    • His Aura was later absorbed by Argo as stored Aura then used to fight Desir at Hebrion Academy.


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