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Artifacts are mysterious items generated by completed Shadow Worlds.


List of Artifacts

Name Appearance Type Tier Notes
Crest of Toa Accessory (Gloves) Owner: Desir Arman
Center of Ice Wn Chapter ### Sword S Ability: Soul-linked to an ice element user. Ice elemental control.

Owners: --, Ajest Jedgar F. Roguepalace

Memorize WN Chapter ## (199) Accessory (Ring) S Ability: Allows the wielder to cast up to five spells in advance that can later be instantly invoked.

Owners: Former 'Staff', Crow Mask, Desir Arman

Mana Hole WN Chapter 199 Accessory (Bracelet) A Ability: Concentrates mana and stores it into itself to quickly restore the wielder’s mana, more effective the larger the user’s mana circle is.

Owner: Desir Arman (Royal Guard)

Spear of Longinus Wn Chapter 199, 246, 269 Spear S Ability: Bloodline-linked. Transforms any object struck into a medium the user desires.

Owners: Hebrion Imperial Family

Blue Rose WN Chapter 200 Accessory (Hairpin) B+ Ability: Voluntary invisibility magic that only will hide the user's appearance, sounds and the flow of one's mana.

Owner: Romantica Eru (Royal Guard: Borrowed by Desir Arman)

Cloud Walkers WN Chapter 200 Boots B+ Ability: Voluntary 5/day 1 meter short-distance teleporation.

Owner: Pram Schneider (Royal Guard: Borrowed by Desir Arman)

???? WN Chapter 214 Bow S Ability: Voluntary proportionate weapon shape shift.

Owner: Swan Katerina (Royal Guard)

???? WN Chapter 215 Accessory (Mask) B+ Ability: Voluntary (user touch) facial transformation within a certain time limit.

Owner: Swan Katerina (Royal Guard)

Gram WN Chapter 255, 290 Greatsword S Ability: Doubles aura skill effects attached to the sword.

Owner: Raphaello Cheringer (Royal Guard)

  • It was a massive sword, curved as though a massive wave had been stolen from the ocean and forged into its blade.


  • While the Artifacts play an important to the story, not much are known about them except their names.