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Meteor-rank Dragon of Destruction Brohmier Napolitan was the final boss of the Shadow Labyrinth.


After 13 years, only 100 people were left from the original 150 million. These 100 people attacked Brohmier Napolitan to clear the Shadow Labyrinth. After a gruesome and devastating battle, only six out of the 100 survived the final battle.


After Brohmier Napolitan died, there was nothing controlling the mana accumulated inside its heart now. Since mana is very fluid, it’s continued to flow around, which has resulted in this ‘engine’ overheating. The overheating engine was then exploded with a force equivalent to a Seventh Circle magic.

This explosion was the cause of Desir Arman returning 13 years before the event took place.


Brohmier Napolitan was the first ever dragon defeated by humanity.

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