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A Chimera was a hybrid of the body parts of various different creatures. Its a living weapon made by combining different life forms; an existence deeply frowned upon by all countries, no matter the time period. Because Chimeras were created by combining the strengths of different creatures, they may seem invincible, but in reality, most Chimeras struggled to maintain their balance from the uneven distribution of the weight of their various parts. Since the combined body parts could easily collapse, it was not an easy task to create Chimeras.

However, the bodies of the Chimeras created by Pureus Niftion were very well balanced. They moved around naturally as if they were born that way.

Known Chimeras

Chimera Unit 1

Unit 1 was a Chimera he had poured Pureus Niftion heart and soul into making. Even though it was one of the first Chimeras created, and thus one of the weakest, it was strong enough to easily slaughter Third-Circle wizards. 

Unit 1 was sent to retrieve valuable sample from Desir Arman who was on guard and destroyed it.

Chimera Unit 2

Chimera Unit 2 was sent to Romantica’s bedroom. It was slayed by Desir and Romantica.

Chimera Unit 3

Unit 3 was the most powerful Chimera Pureus Niftion had ever produced. A very powerful Chimera made as a result of several coincidences. It was a Chimera that had power comparable to a knight of the Empire.

It was slayed by Desir and Romantica.

Chimera Unit 4

It was slayed by Desir and Romantica.


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