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This page contains major spoilers, you have been warned!

Crow Mask was one of the four leaders of the biggest groups in the Outsiders. He is one of the main antagonists of the story.

At one-point he was lauded as the best magician from Hebrion Academy. Now he is just a forgotten name. A manifestation of Hebrion’s troubled history.


Crow Mask is a ruthless terrorist with a deep hatred for nobles and those who support them. He believes that his cause, which he claims is fighting for the rights of commoners, is just.

After his encounter with Desir Arman, Crow Mask develops an obsession with the young mage, seeing him as possibly the greatest obstacles to achieving his goals.

After a battle with Swan Katerina, he is greatly weakened and loses to Desir in a magic duel and is captured. Later Desir comes to him for information about the Outsiders and once realizing that Desir has helped actualize some of his ideals, Crow Mask gives important information about how the Outsiders are creating artificial Shadow Worlds. He is presumably executed sometime after this.

Skills & Abilities

Crow Mask is a Sixth Circle Mage. His skills and magic spells allow him to fight head-on with Zod Exarion, a Seventh Circle Mage. He was once noted to be the most talented Commoner in Hebrion Academy's history.

After losing to Desir Arman, a then Third-Circle Mage, and seeing him ruin his plans to destroy a city, he becomes obsessed with winning against Desir and becomes the second Seventh Circle mage in recent history. His powers become on par with fellow Seventh Circle mage Zod Exarion. He's even able to best and cripple Swan Katerina, a skilled archer and powerful member of the Royal Guard.


Attack on Deltaheim

Crow Mask fought against Zod Exarion during the Attack on Deltaheim. He then did battle with Desir Arman and his party before he was forced to retreat.


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