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Dadeneph is a demon from the legends, known as the Demon of Calamity. It once belonged to the highest level of the Shadow Labyrinth. Runes of slaughter are carved into its teeth and Dadeneph has a mane of hell fire around its neck.

Like all demons, Dadeneph has a core in its body, located deep inside the back of its spine.

Unleashed by Crow Mask to teach the Prilecht kingdom a lesson, it managed to almost bring turmoil to the kingdom's capital. Even Zod Exarion stood no chance against it, albeit his immense magical capabilities. Desir, in order to defeat it, paid the price of his left eye to acquire Draconian magic to defeat Dadeneph.

Shadow Labyrinth

Dadaneuph was a quest in the Shadow Labyrinth [Gigantic Demon].

Romantica Eru was killed in a battle against Dadaneuph.

Battle of Deltaheim

During the Battle of Deltaheim, Dadaneuph was released from its seal by Crow Mask.


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