Desir & Adjest Love Ship - I HATE THE AUTHOR

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I am on chapter 254 of the webnovel and honestly so freaking pissed at the author because I believe wn ends around 354. I wanted a proper ship for Desir and Adjest. Some of you may like Romantica and while I thought she was cute Adjest had a different sense of elegance. I mean 254 freaking chapters and all the moments you give us were

1. Adjest uses grease magic and falls on top of Desir 2. Adjest calls him her boyfriend when someone in shadow world says he is her bf 3. She ties a scarf around him

Other then that there were no freaking developments at all.I mean none. Like you could have added a date or they confessed feelings early on or some kind of deeper connection. It sucks that the author threw that away especially because Adjest is reserved but she has fun, shy and cute side.

Just so pissed that they didn't add anything in there at all which is annoying.

Also I havent confirmed since translated is around 278 and it ends around 354 but someone said they confessed in the end but whats the point at that point.

FU author

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