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Desir Arman is the central protagonist of A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special. After his return to the past upon the failure of clearing the Shadow World, he resolves to strengthen his allies so that the future doesn’t get repeated.


Desir Arman is a normal-looking teenager. He is a tall guy with fair complexion. He has thick black hair which is described as unbrushed. His face is long and strongly tapers towards his chin. Likes dressing casually.

After losing sight in his left eye, he styles his hair to cover up the left eye, as a means to possibly hide his disability.


Having returned from the Shadow Labyrinth, Desir takes a very serious approach towards preparing those he deems important for its inevitable appearance. Consequently, he comes across as an unforgiving teacher to his companions in part due to their unawareness of his past.

Desir suffers PTSD due to the death of Romantica and his other comrades in his past life.

Desir is determined to do whatever he can to prepare the world for the Shadow Labyrinth, even willing to be called a hypocrite and blur the lines of what is morally right and wrong. He is even willing to risk his life to increase his Magic Circles for more power to better strengthen himself, even though there is little to no chance he could survive the procedure.


After graduating from the Hebrion Academy, Desir spent 10 years in the Shadow Labyrinth where many of his friends and even lovers were sacrificed in order to defeat the last boss of the labyrinth, Brohmier Napolitan.

After slaying Napolitan, only 6 people survived out of 150 million people. When Napolitan was defeated, the survivors thought that was the end and where happy to be able to go home.

Unfortunately, it was not to be; a dragon’s heart absorbs mana and pumps it throughout a dragon’s body, in the event of a dragon's death, the mana stored in its heart has no release, which builds up until it explodes. This explosion is what killed the six survivors, along with the rest of the world.

As soon as the explosion hit Desir, he was sent back to his younger self, at the point he was taking the exams for the Hebrion Academy, where he is determined to change the future for the better.

Skills and Abilities

In his past life, Desir only has enough mana to qualify as a mage of the First Circle. However, after being soul-bound to the Crest of Toa he got from a Shadow World, he has enough mana to become a mage of the Third Circle.

While only a mage of the Third Circle, he managed to become one of the six people who survived the Shadow Labyrinth. He also highly respected by the other five members and gaining praise from Zod Exarion, who was the one and only Seventh Circle magician and known as the strongest magician.

When preforming magic by using Dragon Tongue, Desir is able to make Third Circle magic elevated to the level of Sixth Circle.

After taking an artificial Magic Circle from the Homunculus and implanting it in himself, Desir is now able to use Fourth Circle Magic, elevated to Seventh Circle by using Dragon Tongue. His powers have become so great that he was single-handily able to defeat Aaron, a King-Class Knight, who was merged with a homunculus, making him stronger, though this is also due to his knowledge of Aaron's abilities from his past life.

In the Epilogue, Desir was revealed to absorb the energy of a Dragon Heart, which gives him a near infinitive amount of mana to use.

Name Details
Analysis Magic
  • Despite being a lower-level circle magician, Desir’s main fighting style revolves around Analytical Magic which can be used to hack and cancel the magic used by other mages. He does this with such speed and efficiency that every mage he meets will be hard-pressed against him. Even Zod Exarion admits that when it comes to spell analysis and computation speed, Desir is above him.
  • Desir was skilled enough that he could calculate the thousands of spells inside the magic artifact that was used by Crow Mask during their fight.
  • Many of his companions in the Shadow Labyrinth called him the Anti-Mage.
Close Quarters Combat
  • While in the Shadow Labyrinth, one of his companions, an Esteban named Donovan Asylan told Desir that while he is a great mage, his body was weak. So Donovan took upon himself to teach Desir martial arts during their time in the Shadow Labyrinth. Desir became proficient in close combat thanks to that.
Magic Gem Enchanting
  • Normally, the mana inside a magic gem can only be utilized through a very special method that can extract the mana without dispersing it. Desir learned a skill which allows him to directly resonate with magic gems and use their mana for his own spells. Thanks to this, he can use magic spells beyond his circle class.
Dragon Tongue
  • A separate form magic that is different from the magic that is usually casted by mages. It is the magic that directly affects mana that is casted in the language of the dragons. Using this magic can lead to incredible spells but will also inflict repercussions on his body. Desir later learns to combine this magic with the more common type of magic. It creates a powerful magic, however with a great amount of mana usage.
Hybrid Magic System
  • Desir is able to combine portions of Draconic spell casting and normal spell casting to create powerful spells and effects allowing him to use power well beyond his tier. However the system is still new as he just invented it after analyzing Crow Mask's tesseract artifact with combines hundreds of smaller spells to create effects equivalent to several tiers higher compared to the component spells. Currently, it uses too much power and ideally it should only be used as a last resort or trump card. The upside it that it lacks the permanent toll exacted by dragon magic when mortals use it.
  • Desir was inspired by a divination magic ritual performed by travelers he and Ajest visited, which used a ritual system and music to cast the spell of prophecy. Desir thanked them as he now knew the direction he needed to head in to continue to improve his hybrid spell system.
Battle Sense
  • Desir has always been weaker than most of his opponents. Yet he survived all the way to the end of the Shadow Labyrinth. Everything he has experienced has culminated inside of him an incredible battle sense where he uses wits and tactics to take control of every battle he is in.
  • In this way, he was able to fight on par against the Third Circle Magic Swordsman Ajest and against the Sixth Circle Crow Mask and still defeat them. He once told Ajest about how his fighting style required a lot of forethought and scheming.

Entrance Examination

Desir was recommended into taking the Hebrion Academy’s 172nd Entrance Examination by Professor Brigette.

He was put into Group D, facing off against Ajest Kingscrown, Romantica Eru and Treveurie Tigus. He managed to beat Ajest and become first in the exam.

Professor Brigette proposed that Desir to be put into the Alpha Class due to his exceptional performance in the exam. This proposition was met with resistance from Professor Pugman. After a voting session, 18 voted for him while 22 against. Therefore, he was assigned into the Beta Class.

Promotion Battle


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Attack on Deltaheim

Desir and his Starling Party were highly instrumental turning the tide against the Outsiders during the Attack on Deltaheim.

Recapture of the Teleportation Gate

Desir also led the Starling Party to recapture the teleportation gate that had already fallen into the hands of the Outsiders. This action effectively cutting off the Outsider’s reinforcement while allowing the Western Kingdoms’ own reinforcement to arrive.

Fight Against the Demon of Doom

Earth Nourishing the Sun
— Chapter 82

As Zod deals with Dadaneuph, Desir engages Crow Mask in a magic duel. He has the upper hand for the beginning of the fight, thanks to hacking and breaking Crow Mask's spells, but the revolutionist pulls out an artifact and quickly overwhelms Desir. His party then arrives and saves him, and together, they force Crow Mask to retreat.

Realizing that he needs to take drastic measures in order to defeat the Demon of Doom Dadaneuph, Desir asks Ajest to hold back Romantica and Pram while he seeks assistance from Zod and Priscilla. By using Zod’s mana, Desir invoked a magic through Dragon Tongue.

Upon invoking the magic, Desir’s body tensed up. Excessive mana overwhelmed him and his mana circle was overloaded and destroyed continually while the cells in his body were burnt to ash. Just when it seemed like he would fall apart, he would be healed back to normal by Priscilla's healing abilities, allowing this cycle of never-ending pain to be continued ad nauseam.

Desir’s body repeatedly went through cycles of destruction and recovery, each cycle taking mere seconds. But he continued to arrange the magic even as he struggled with the pain, determined to stop Dadaneuph. Without Priscilla’s continuous healings, he would have instantly collapsed and his life would have been extinguished. She put all the power she had into restoring Desir. Desir was able to complete his spell formation and destroy Dadaneuph.

Despite there physically being nothing wrong in his left eye, Desir lost his sight in that eye as the payment for the forbidden magic he used.

Desir was known as ‘War Hero’ after this battle.

Dungeon Attack

Starling Party co-operated with the beleaguered Blue Moon Party and Red Dragon Party to escape from the compromised dungeon with Desir taking the overall command of the combined force.


Name Details
Starling Party
  • Desir created and leads the Starling Party. Its founding and core members are Romantica, Pram, and Ajest.
  • Later on, the party becomes the strongest force in the Academy.
Tower of Magic
  • After defeating Zod Exarion in a chess game using the North Sea’s rule, Desir stated his request: to be the Technical Adviser of the Tower of Magic.
  • As the technical adviser, Desir has helped the Tower of Magic developing the Aurora System.
  • Desir also able to provide the members of the Starling Party with the latest state-of-art equipment from the Tower of Magic. Sometimes, the equipment was custom made for the specific member.
  • After Zod's death, he names Desir his successor and he becomes the new Tower Master. Continuing the role of such in the Epilogue.
Royal Guard


Name Details
Professor Brigette
  • Professor Brigette met Desir Arman by accident in an orphanage from the ruined country of Eolleta. She very nearly took him in as her personal assistant instead of admitting him as a normal student.
  • Brigette can be said as Desir Arman’s biggest supporter in the Hebrion Academy. She gave him the recommendation for the 172nd Entrance Examination, fought for his placement in the Alpha Class, and becoming the adviser of his Starling Party.
Zod Exarion
  • Zod in Desir's previous life was one of the last surviving members to help face the final boss dragon in the shadow world. Known to be both the greatest magician who has reached the tier 7 level and a knowledgeable about everything there is to know, he would always challenge Desir to chess matches.
  • In the current timeline, Zod becomes interested in Desir after he defeats him in a chess match, thanks to his memories of his past life. The two begin working together, with the Tower Master helping to create devices that Desir claims will be needed in the future.
  • Desir considers the Master of the Tower of Magic Zod Exarion as a mentor and friend. The two of them fought side by side multiple times in both timelines.
  • Zod even admits that if he had a son, he would have liked him to be like Desir.
  • Before Zod's death at the hands of Priscilla, he had arranged for Desir to be named his successor, and appointed him to be the new Tower of Magic's Master. He even left behind the formula for a brand new magic system that he was confident that only Desir would be able to solve.
Romantica Eru
  • Romantica in her previous life was an extremely close friend of Desir hinted to be Desir's romantic interest at the time. She was a member of a starling party with very strong wind-based magic, but she died while trying to protect Ajest Kingscrown.
  • When Desir was transported back in time, Romantica was one of the first to be scouted out by him. Although initially bearing ill-will towards him due to him being a commoner, she opens up after losing the contest to him and starts training under his tutelage. Romantica's behaviour towards him is always bitter, but after learning to do incantation-less magic and reaching tier 4, she realizes that Desir is way more than meets the eye. Desir trusts her completely as the sniper of the party since she is able to sense enemies from afar, cast without incantations, and knock them out with her magic. As the story progresses, she begins to care more about his safety and well-being especially after Desir lost his eye. She is willing to compete against Ajest to win his attention and acknowledgement despite knowing that Ajest is a very strong opponent.
Pram Schneider
  • Pram was noticed by Desir as one of the best swordsman back in his previous life. But had died before reaching the final boss.
  • In Desir's current life, Pram was a weak swordsman as he was using a broadsword, contrary to the shortsword that he was using in Desir's prior life. Pram was picked up by Desir to join his party and was trained to further improve upon his swordsmanship skills. Pram was known for his speed being able to maximize his swordsmanship to deal damage while avoiding enemy attacks. Due to his smaller frame, he is also able avoid fatiguing himself also. Due to the potential Desir sees in him, Pram becomes very trusting and obedient towards Desir to the point of wanting to prove to the other students that Desir is the strongest tutor around.
Ajest Kingscrown
  • In Desir's prior life, Ajest was cold and distant but was very strong and reliable. She was one of the few that had survived all the way to the final boss dragon in the first chapter.
  • In the current timeline, the initial meeting between Ajest and Desir did not go as planned as Ajest acknowledged that Desir was a very weak opponent. After Desir had won just barely in their fight primarily due to his knowledge of Ajest's abilities in his previous life, she become interested in him and desires to surpass him. After learning that there are ways to improve her swordsmanship and magic from Desir, she joins Desir's party even if it means being looked down upon by the rest of the nobles in the school. She is one of the most powerful members of Desir's party and can be counted on to give the party additional time and also why Desir trusts her for the majority of the fighting.
  • Their mutual trust and reliability on each other fosters to something more as Ajest's behaviour warms up immensely towards him hinting at wanting a more romantic relationship. She even drags him to a traveling fortune teller so they can get their fortune told. In the fortune, it was foretold that Desir and Ajest would be each other's pillars in the future, to help the other keep standing when everything else around them crumbles.
  • In the epilogue, the two confess their feelings and enter into a romantic relationship.
Donovan Asylan
Crow Mask
  • Desir first met Crow Mask when the terrorist staged an attack on Romantica's hometown. When Crow Mask threatened to interfere with Zod's plan to stop Dadaneuph, Desir requested that the Tower Master teleport both him and the terrorist away so Desir can battle him one-on-one. As they fight, Crow Mask becomes more and more intrigue and irritated with the young mage. With the arrival of his party, Desir manages to force the terrorist to retreat.
  • Overtime, as more and more of the Outsiders' plans are thwarted by Desir, Crow Mask develops an obsession with Desir, seeing him as the biggest obstacle to their plans, even more so than Zod Exarion, the sole Seventh Circle Mage in the world. Crow Mask even becomes the second Seventh Circle Mage in hopes of surpassing and killing Desir.
  • On Desir's end, he too sees Crow Mask as a dangerous individual who stands in the way of his own goals to prepare the world for the Shadow Labyrinth.
  • Despite the hatred the have for each other, the two are very similar, which they both acknowledge. They're both Commoners, they both seek for equality between Nobels and Commoners, even if their reasons and methods for doing so are completely opposite (Desir seeks to prepare for the Shadow Labyrinth while Crow Mask has an intense hatred for Nobels and how Commoners are treated by them), and they are both willing to do whatever they have to to achieve their goals.
  • Desir's hatred for Crow Mask and all Outsiders increase exponentially when a dear friend from his past life, Aaron, is turned into a Homunculus and he's forced to kill him.
  • After Desir defeats him, Crow Mask then comes to realize that Desir had achieved his goals for wanting equality for Commoners and Nobels. This convinces Crow Mask to share with Desir the Outsiders plans on creating artificially Shadow Worlds before he is executed.

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