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Doneta Hadun was a student of Hebrion Academy’s 172nd batch and a member of the celebrated Blue Moon Party.


White hair, bushy eyebrows, and thick lips. Wears glasses as well.


Blue Moon Party

Doneta tried inviting Romantica Eru to join the Blue Moon Party, without knowing the latter’s true status.

Year 3613

Promotion Battle

Second Semester

Doneta started the semester by belittling Desir Arman’s accomplishment of defeating the Demon of Ruins, Dadaneuph during the Attack on Deltaheim.

However, Doneta chickened out after being told to challenge Desir Arman in front of the student body by Professor Essenblanc Tistachia.

After Calt, a Single Ranker, a Fourth Circle magician and the leader of Blue Moon Party Second Years, was defeated by Desir in front of everybody, Doneta lost his arrogance. He will run away whenever he meets a member of the Starling Party.

Year 3614


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