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Donovan Asylan is the King (Khan) of Estebans. He was one of the survivors of the battle against Bhromier Napolitan in the Alternative Timeline. It was stated that he is an amazing warrior among the Estebans, which is normal since he was their king.


The great physique body of this person on the stone throne was as strong as solid rock and his lips were tightly closed, making him look even firmer. He was wearing a golden earring, adorned with ruby. There was only one person who could wear this kind of accessory in the barbarian tribes. The red ruby represented the Ruler of the North and King of the Estebans.

The Light Novel attached him a long beard.


He is shown to have a warm personality, particularly towards Desir Arman. He possesses a hidden honorable wisdom side when he tested Ajest Jedgar F. Roguepalace.

Alternative Timeline

He is one of the Six survivors against Brohmier Napolitan. During the Shadow Labyrinth, he kept a physical accessory belonging to every comrade who died as a memory.

He was Desir's close friend and confided many of his concerns and secrets to the magician. These moments later allowed Desir to help his friends in the new Timeline.

War with the Outsiders

Skills and Abilities

Aura: King Class, He had climbed through all of the stages of perfecting his martial arts, mastering each rung of the ladder as he climbed to King Class.

  • Mount Stomp (마운트스텀프): A aura filled stomp shakes the surrounding ground and creating earth pillars, with the only the user being stable throughout.


  • "The axe seemed to tear through the air in a show of unrestrained violence. Seeing it wouldn’t connect, Donape rotated his body in an agile fashion that completely betrayed the expectation one would have of a giant physique like his. A giant fist flew right at his opponent’s face." ~ WN Chapter 157

Close-Combat Martial Arts




  • Donovan was the one who made Desir Arman learn martial arts.

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