Eienbez’s Dungeon was a simulated Shadow World. It was created by Professor Pelstar for Hebrion Academy’s party competition of the year 3613, Dungeon Invasion. 

The dungeons have three stages in total. The level of each stage is based on the same scaling as the Shadow Worlds. The first stage is Class 6, the second stage is Class 5, and the third stage is Class 4.

Background Story[edit | edit source]

This is the dungeon of the great wizard, Eienbez. He spent his entire life in this place in the devotion to furthering his studies . Break through this dungeon to gain the legacy left behind by Eienbez.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

Almost all Beta Class parties will be eliminated in this stage.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

The Second Stage was a labyrinth consisting of a total of five zones. The distinction between each zone was demarcated by the presence of halls leading one to enter the next zone. The structure of the labyrinth varied from zone to zone and the goal for the second stage was to proceed to the fifth zone that contained the way forward to the Third Stage.

It was very difficult to reverse the standing since it required a minimum amount of time to break through the labyrinth varying from zone to zone.

Unlike the monsters in Stage One, golems in Stage Two steadily roamed in search of invaders. Arachne Party fell to these golems.

First Zone[edit | edit source]

Second Zone[edit | edit source]

Third Zone[edit | edit source]

Before entering the third zone, a normal passage to the third zone as well as two additional options are given to parties that reach this area.

Passage of Folly[edit | edit source]

The Passage of Folly was filled with monsters and traps at the level found in the first stage. The difficulty will drop but the length of the labyrinth will be much longer.

Passage of Suffering[edit | edit source]

The Passage of Suffering was a direct route to the fifth zone which is guarded by Tyrant-Tula. The passage is completely straight but Tyrant-Tula has nested here. Tyrant-Tula targets invaders who pass through the passage in the dark. The difficulty of this passage is much greater but the length of the zone is shorter.

Desir’s Party took this passage and successfully overtook the lead position in the team rankings from the Blue Moon Party.

Fourth Zone[edit | edit source]

Fifth Zone[edit | edit source]

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

To ensure there is no more casualty, Desir proposed that all parties combined under his command. This proposal was at first met with resistance from some of the nobles. However, once Radoria and Argeria handed over the command of Red Dragon Party and Blue Moon Party to Desir, others started to follow suit.

Under his command, Stage 3 was cleared in a record time and without any further deaths.

Deaths[edit | edit source]

Name Party Class Killed by Ref.
1 Aljay Arachne Party Beta Class Golems
2 O’Quinn
3 Anin Pailmint
4 Unnamed
5 Unnamed
6 Kash Madaheath Blue Moon Party Alpha Class Great Mother Worm
7 Unnamed
8 Patrick Red Dragon Party
9 Unnamed Unnamed party Tyrant-Tula
10 Unnamed
11 Unnamed
12 Unnamed
13 Unnamed
14 Unnamed

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