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Essenblanc Tistachia was the captain of Golden Hawk Knights of the Hebrion Empire.


Essenblanc Tistachia had a huge scar on his face and his hair was elegantly brushed back. He also had thick scars on his arms that made him look strong.

Shadow Labyrinth

Essenblanc Tistachia was active in the Shadow Labyrinth. under the alias known as the Knight of Dawn. He was famous for contributing to the training of numerous talents even in the hell holes known as Shadow Worlds.

Hebrion Academy

Essenblanc Tistachia joined the Hebrion Academy as a professor under the direct orders of Gilltian Jedgar F. Roguepalace, Emperor of the Hebrion Empire.

His task was to observe Desir Arman and to verify whether he is an Outsider.

After Desir became a Royal Guard, Essenblanc Tistachia served as the liason officer.


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