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This page contains major spoilers, you have been warned!

Dracul Labutte Elkaera was the last Blood Magician in the world.


Elkaera was a powerful magician and confidant in her abilities. She liked to show off her power and enjoyed toying with her opponents. She was sadistic and would usually take her time decimating her enemies. As her magic was strongest when there was blood everywhere, she believed herself invincible on the battlefield where blood flowed in large quantities.

Elkaera was an exhibitionist and loved to show off her power and abilities. She considered demonstrating her power like a form of art or performance. She believed in aesthetics and was very dramatic and flashy with her appearance and fighting style.

While Elkaera enjoyed taunting and looking down on her opponents, she herself hated being looked down on and would get enraged when others taunted her or decried her "art". When enraged, she was easily led or goaded into unfavorable positions. Along with her arrogance, her rage caused her to make serious mistakes and overestimate her abilities while underestimating her foes. She was shocked when Desir was finally able to analyze her magic as she was sure that quickly changing her spell structure and combinations would keep Desir from analyzing her. Desir was also able to lead her away from the battlefield and her source of blood during their fight without her even realizing that she was dancing in the palm of his hand.

When faced with her defeat and death, Elkaera showed herself to be a coward as, when Pram was about to strike her down, she begged for mercy in spite of all the people she played with and killed. Elkaera was, in the end, a childish sadist who loved to bully others when she was in a superior position but tried to run or beg for mercy when facing defeat/death.

Skills and Abilities

Dracul used Imagery Magic based on the concept of blood. Her magic was worthy of being referred to as the strongest of all battle-type-magic, because on a battlefield, blood would usually flood on the ground.