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Gilltian Jedgar F. Roguepalace was the current Emperor of the Hebrion Empire.
The one who had been titled the Empire’s Guardian for bringing the civil war to an end. He was the Emperor who quickly stabilized a frenzied empire torn apart by a civil war, leading it to its full restoration.


At the masquerade ball, Gilltian wore a white mask, He was at least two feet taller than Desir and had a fairly large build. Like the other guests, he was in a suit, but his outfit looked a bit simple in comparison to the other attendees. It was plain dark blue.

The aura that he exuded was noticeably different from the other guests. His overwhelming energy leaked out with every large stride he took, and his dignity overflowed from his broad shoulders.

Even if in a white suit, his presence heavily pressures all around him.

His broad shoulders betrayed his diligence in training. It was clear that despite maintaining the responsibilities of an Emperor, he still found the time to keep at it.

The height of Gilltian requires him to kneel down and reach eye level with a standing Ajest.[1]


Gilltian is a broad-minded wise Emperor, knowing the division and discrimination by social class as stupidity, but tentatively needs it to hold the Empire together. He is also straightforward when it comes to conveying his intents,



Emperor by birth, emperor by war.
— Gilltian Jedgar F. Roguepalace

In the past, when a commoner revolt known as the Revolutionary Army occupied Dresden’s Royal Palace, the child Emperor was beheaded without a chance to leave behind any descendants and Hebrion’s royal bloodline consequently died out.

As the Dukedom Roguepalace Family carries the blood of Hebrion Empire’s first Emperor, Gilltian was able to receive the full support of four noble families and lead the united army of five families to win the war against the Revolutionary Army. This brought the civil war to an end in just a year.

Like that, the current royal family became the Roguepalace Family, and Gilltian Jedgar F. Roguepalace became the emperor.

No one dared oppose the head of the Roguepalace Family being crowned as the emperor. His bloodline had succession rights and, as an individual, he boasted great achievements.

War With Outsiders

A Father's Worry

The Heir's Debut

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War By the Church of Artemis


Ajest Jedgar F. Roguepalace

Ajest is Giltian’s eldest daughter and heir.

Desir Arman

He acknowledges Desir as his future son in law for Ajest.

Royal Guards


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