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Great Mother Worm was the entity that leads and manipulates Great Worms in the Eienbez’s Dungeon. It was the being that represents the will of all colonies . Normally, this entity usually doesn’t get involved and instead remains in the colony that they spawn in.


Acid Spit

The Mother Worm is able to spit out its own digestive acids as a way of attacking. Despite the range and power of this technique, it can easily be stopped by most barriers, such as an Aqua Wall.

Rapid Regeneration

The Mother Worm possesses almost instant regeneration, healing even the deepest of wounds within seconds. Despite its amazing regeneration, the worm mother has a limit, meaning if enough damage is dealt the regeneration will slow and eventually come to a halt.


A Mother Worm’s strength is proportional to their age. Her strength is more than enough to take out a Cloth Line’s defensive barrier.

Eienbez’s Dungeon

It appeared as the Starling Party killed around a thousand Great Worms.


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