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Hebrion Academy was a magic academy in Hebrion Empire. It was founded by the imperial family of the Hebrion Empire.


During each academic year, Hebrion Academy will held three type of examinations through out the year.

  1. Entrance Examinations
  2. Promotion Battle
  3. Party Competition

Entrance Examinations

170th Entrance Examination

171st Entrance Examination

172nd Entrance Examination

173rd Entrance Examination

The proportion of applicants for the 173rd Entrance Examination had changed drastically in comparison to previous years. Typically, there had always been many more nobles than commoners. For some reason though, this proportion had been reversed in this year’s applicants.

The origins of the students also varied greatly from the usual. Although the prestige of Hebrion Academy attracted a lot of international students in general, this year the proportion of international students was very high.

Promotion Battle

Hebrion Academy employs a system of advancement known as the ‘promotion battles’. Promotion battles were what decided the Hebrion Academy students’ rankings each year. Not only were these battles a tradition of Hebrion Academy, they also acted as the students’ midterm exams.

The promotion battles started with a tournament phase, from which the top 30 participants were selected. These 30 students would enter an artificial Class 5 Shadow World and take part in a battle royale between one another, which would decide their final ranks. The main goal of everyone in this stage was to be one of the last people remaining, as the top 9 survivors received the title of ‘Single Ranker’.

Party Competition

Party competition will be held on the second semester of an academic year.

Dungeon Invasion

Dungeon Invasion for the year 3613 took place in a simulated Shadow World, the Eienbez’s Dungeon.


Hebrion split its students into the Alpha and Beta classes. The system was intended to allow students to receive the education best suited to their skill level. With each student being assigned to the class most appropriate for them, this individualized method of admission resulted in the best-possible learning outcomes for all the students.

In the beginning, Hebrion Academy had successfully implemented that system. But now, so long after its inception, things were different.

Technically, Hebrion Academy still placed the most skilled students in the Alpha Class. But most of those students were nobles who had been systematically trained from the beginning of their education.

That’s why the Alpha Class had an aristocratic, superiority-obsessed air to it. And in that sort of atmosphere, a commoner with the appropriate skills would sometimes rightly qualify for the Alpha Class—but they would always be pushed back into the Beta Class.

Alpha Class

Alpha Class students received excellent lessons from the faculty’s most brilliant professors. As such, the faculty, carefully and with great passion, nurtured the Alpha Class and ensured they received the best attention the professors could offer. With this, their talents would surely awaken. They would inevitably become excellent combatants that would conquer the Shadow Worlds.

After the numerous feats made by Desir Arman and his Starling Party, commoners were accepted to the Alpha Class right after the Entrance Examinations.

Beta Class

Beta Class was the complete opposite of the Alpha Class.

It was mostly composed of commoners who lacked any kind of support. Care and passion was not pointed towards the students of the Beta Class as almost none of the lectures had proper professors assigned to them. Because of this, it was extremely difficult for these students to reach their full potential.


Any party can successfully clear a Class 3 Shadow World will be able to act without going through the Academy, which meant that it had the right to act alone.[1]

Creating A Party

There are only two conditions to create a party, which are:

  1. A roster of three people
  2. An assigned professor

Known Parties


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