Magic circles go 1-7. Sage of Wisdom Zod Exarion is the Master of the Tower of Magic and the one and only Seventh-Circle magician in existence.

1 Circle/Tier (Novel)[edit | edit source]

Name System Property Description
Grease Physical System  A simple basic spell that removes critical friction.
Fireball Attack System Fire Magic Magic to embody a Fire Sphere in front of you.
Burst Magic Arrow Basic Bullet Although the damage of Magic Arrow itself is small, it is estimated that the number of Magic Arrows implemented depends on the amount of mana and the computational power.
Fire Road/Trail Fire Magic Penetrate in a straight line with compressed heat.
Strength Body System Strengthening Magic
Bind Magic that shoots the rings of bondage.
Owl's vision Functional magic that keeps you in the dark at night.
Haste There is no explanation, but it is a spell that speeds up.
Melting ice Magic that melts ice.
Dry The magic of evaporating dry water.
Water Shield Defense System Water Magic

2 Circle/Tier(Novel)[edit | edit source]

3 Circle/Tier(Novel)[edit | edit source]

4 Circle/Tier(Novel)[edit | edit source]

5 magic circle level ????[edit | edit source]

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