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Magic is recognized as the use of mana to create phenomena. Those who use magic are known as Magicians.

Magic and Magic Users are generally categorized in Circle Tiers, ranging from 1-7. The Circle Tier of a magician usually coincides with the tier level of their spells, this is due to Circle Tiers determining a magicians overall mana capacity. Despite this, the limit can be circumvented through the use of Magic Storing Artifacts, utilizing a Mana Crystal, or by having someone else affix their magic circle to your own.

Casting a spell with mana requires knowledge of magical arithmetic, spell formulas, and a chant, usually in the form of a poem. Chants can be seen as a way of memorizing and accurately executing a spell, but are not required, as shown by Romantica Eru.

Magic Systems are the basis of all spells, without them, none of them would be possible. Different systems allow for different ways of casting or utilizing your mana, with some of the prominent ones being the Attack System, Defense System, and Body System. Dragon Tongue is another magical system used by Desir Arman after analyzing Brohmier Napolitan's draconic magic. Its chants and formulas utilize the Language of the Dragons, giving way to considerably stronger spells, but due to Human bodies being unfit for it's usage, it cannot be casted traditionally.

Below is a list of magic spells found within ARMSBS, WN, and Manhwa included, please add any that you think may be missing!.




Fire Magic

Ice Magic

Wind Magic

Thunder Magic

Water Magic

Earth Magic

Light Magic

Circle Tier 1

Name System Type Description
Grease Utility Physics Removes critical friction. Is generally applied to flat objects such as paper or floors.
Fireball Attack Fire Generates a ball of fire that explodes on impact or remotely by the user.
Burst Magic Arrow Basic Bullet Mana Shoots forward an arrow of mana. Due to how weak this spell is on its own, magicians generally use dozens or even hundreds of magic arrows at once to make full use of it.
Fire Road/Trail Attack Fire Releases a compressed line of heat that can penetrate targets.
Balance Utility Physics Steadies the balance of an object. Used by Desir to withstand a blow from Adjest.
Reinforcing Strength Body Strength Temporarily enhances your physical abilities.
Hardening Enchantment Temporarily hardens a targeted object.
Bind Attack Trap Shoots forward mana-made rings that apprehend its target.
Owl's vision Body Vision Allows the user to see clearly in the night
Haste Body? There is no in-story explanation of this spell, but we can infer that it can speeds up the user or their chants.
Dry Utility Fire Applies a rapid burst of high-temperature heat, instantly evaporating anything it comes in contact with.
Melt Utility Fire Applies a consistent wave of heat that can easily melt a floor of ice.
Water Shield Defense Water Generates a wall of water.
Ice Bolt Attack Ice Fires a shard of ice.
Aqua Wave Attack Water Sends forward a wave of water.
Search Unknown Wind Utilizes weak winds to spot nearby objects and people.
Stone Break Utility Unknown Instantly crashes and breaks stone.
Heat Skin Body Fire Envelops your skin in a thin layer of heat.
Slate Utility Unknown Fuses physical matter. Used by Desir Arman to merge Reda Idel with the lockers in Hebrion Academy.

Circle Tier 2

Name System Type Description
Wind Strike Attack Wind Compresses nearby air before shooting it forward.
Wind Venom Attack Wind Creates a chain-shaped wind with a blade located on its end.
Ice Wall Defense Ice Creates a large wall of ice. Can be used offensively to encase an opponent in ice.
Wind Bullet Attack Wind Compresses air into a bullet and shoots it forward.
Frozen Jail Unknown Ice Creates a pillar of ice. Used by Adjest to elevate herself and Desir into a higher floor.
Fire Ring Attack Fire Creates a remotely detonated fire trap. When activated it sends out a pillar of fire.
Entangle Trap Generates a chain to apprehend its opponent.
Breath of Earth Attack Earth Entombs the opponent with a volley of rocks.
Doom Fist Attack Earth Generates a fist shaped mass of soil before thrusting it at your target.
Burst Claw Attack Wind Creates sharp winds that tear through everything in its path.
Rock Guillotine Attack Earth Shapes a large guillotine from nearby earth before sending it at the opponent.
Sweep The Air Attack Wind Creates gusts of wind strong enough to uproot and blow away trees.

Circle Tier 3

Name System Type Description
Invisibility Utility Light Refracts all light away from its user, making them unseen to the naked eye.
Earth Rage Attack Earth Unexplained in the story, it is assumed to cause heavy quakes or vibrations in its target, as seen when Criken used it to destroy a magic barrier.
Lightning Attack Lightning Calls down a bolt of lightning. Its formula was altered by Desir to reduce its range but increase its power.
Storm of Avaros Attack Wind/Water Generates a small storm.
Thurman Lightning Attack Lightning Not fully explained, but it is shown to be able to destroy one of Adjests ice domes.
Raise Earth Defense Earth Shapes the nearby earth to create a wall.
Horus Storm Attack Wind Launches a falcon shaped wind that turns into a massive hurricane on impact.

Circle Tier 4

Name System Type Description
Bindell Of Earth Defense Earth/Escape Gathers all nearby earth and encases you within it. This shell can then be steered by its user.
Gravity Point Control Physics Allows the manipulation of gravity, an example of this in use would be applying a strong gravitational force to someone's body, leaving them pinned on the ground.
Dimension Burst Utility Space Allows it's user to teleport themselves from one location to another.
Destruction Area Attack Space Distorts the space in an area to annihilate whatever is in it.

Circle Tier 5

Name System Type Description
Spectrum Shower Attack Light Ultra-hot beams of light that disintegrates anything it touches.

Circle Tier 6

Name System Type Description
Will Of Mahatma Attack Ice Cryo-cold air that instantly solidifies after reaching its target. Easily competes with Circle Tier 6 fire magic.
Eclipse Attack Unknown Unknown. It was analyzed and disabled by Desir before its activation.
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