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This page contains major spoilers, you have been warned!

Priscilla Heisilgard was one of the final six survivor of the Shadow Labyrinth and currently admired as Saint of the Church of Artemis, the largest religion in the continent. She is also referred to as the sixth king of the Western Kingdoms.


Priscilla has long, light-brown hair and red eyes.

Skill & Abilities

Priscilla is referred to as the Saint because of her healing ability. Many sorcerers were able to expedite the natural healing process, but her magic is on a different level entirely. Even if people were in a critical condition, the moment her hand touches their wound, the bleeding will immediately stop, new flesh will rapidly regenerate and everything will return to normal. With her magic, Priscilla is able to heal wounds as if they never existed.

It was later revealed, that she hid her true powers even in the alternate lifetime. She is capable of restoring inanimated objects too, being able to repair fully destroyed buildings, ships etc. in an instant. To be more accurate, her power is not related to "healing" but rather "the reversal of casualty" in a manner similar to that of the homonculi. She restores the wounds or destruction not by "healing" but by "making it so those events never happened".

This ability is unique only to her.

Ultimate goal

Priscilla believed that the world was wrong beyond repair and therefore needed sincere redemption. Her goal was to create an absolutely flawless world with no pain for everyone and where everyone could be content. It was for this reason that she wanted to use the Artemis system to change the history of the world.

Unlike Skull Mask, Priscilla didn't need to build a new operational facility, because she would be able to rewind the only accessible facility with her true powers.


Attack on the kingdom of Divide

During the attack Priscilla led one of the three groups tasked with destroying the southern tower. The other two groups were led by Zod (and contained the magicians of the magic tower/ eastern tower) and Dodape (and contained the northern warriors/ northeastern tower), while the unit led by Desir headed to Pittsburgh.

Attack on the Magic Tower

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Attack on the Hebrion Empire & Hebrion Academy

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