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Radoria Von Dorich was a genius magician who achieved the Sixth-Circle with fire attribute magic. During her time at the Hebrion Academy, she never missed being the top ranking Single Ranker.



Despite being a noble, Roadoria is much more accepting of commoners than one would expect.

172nd Entrance Examination

Radoria served as Desir Arman’s mentor during the 172nd Entrance Examination of the Hebrion Academy.

Dungeon Attack

Radoria was the leader of the Red Dragon Party in the Eienbez’s Dungeon.

She made the decision to combine her Red Dragon Party with Desir Arman’s Starling Party. Radoria also voted that the latter will be the commander of the combined forces.


Elheim Triquincy

The rivalry between Radoria and Elheim Triquincy is just like fire and water, literally.


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