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Raphaello Cheringer is the Royal Bodyguard of the Emperor of the Hebrion Empire and the current commander of the Royal Guards, taking the position of the Shield. In the Alternative Life, the Knight of Light was a member of the 150 Million who ventured into the Shadow World and a survivor of the 100 who died in the final battle against Brohmier Napolitan.


Raphaello is a young long blonde (bright as the sun) haired man with light green (jade) eyes. His hair is shaved on the sides with a long pony tail running down the back. In his past life he had a braid running down the right side of his face. He stands a few inches above Desir Arman. When in combat, Raphaello wears a full body knight armor, a shield and greatsword. During this his Alternative Life he wore red armor with gold trim and his dirty face was full of scars while possessing a different hairstyle.

In the Manhwa, Raphaello possesses an extremely burly triangular physique with a handsome clean face.[1]


Raphaello has shown great loyalty to Hebrion Empire; especially the King. When first introduced in Chapter 120, hearing the bold words of Desir Arman he had to fight the urge to retaliate. However right after this moment when giving the Gold Plaque ID to Desir he could feel the great nostalgia and melancholy in Desir's smile and eyes despite never meeting him before in this life. This left a mix of emotions towards Desir.

Raphaello embodies the natural aspects of a dutiful, wise shield-wielding Sword Grand Master. When relaxed during combat, he wears a natural smile. However, Raphaello secretly restrains his desire to beat the powerful opponent in front of his eyes.[2] He also has a desire to improve himself.[3]

Skills and Abilities

Master Swordsman (Defensive): Raphaello is a defense-style Sword Grand Master and also one of the strongest human beings. In addition to his aura, he uses a sword and a shield.

Rotating Aura Wheels: King-class Raphaello's unique skill is to manifest Aura rune circles then use the wheels' interlocked centrifugal force to defend.[4] His aura, embodying the shape of wheels, were capable of neutralizing any attack with the dispersive force generated by their rotations that even spells of the Sixth-Circle didn’t pose a substantial threat to Raphaello. He can also apply the circles along his sword to generate conical centrifugal force.[4][2] He minimally manifests 3 or miniature circles-chain depending on the opponent's offense, with the artifact Gram enhancing it. Raphaello, having honed his rotating aura wheels to its limit, had reached the point of using it not only for defense, but to attack as well. That was why he was able to hold the titles of the ‘Empire’s Greatest Shield’ and Sword Grand Master at the same time.[5][6][7][8] He specializes in Aura control.

Artifacts: As a member of the Royal Guard, Raphaello was personally bestowed the S-Tier Artifact sword Gram[6] and chose two other B-Tier+ Artifacts from the Hebrion imperial family's treasury.[8][9] Gram was a massive sword, curved as though a massive wave had been stolen from the ocean and forged into its blade.[6]

Insight: Raphaello is also intuitively keen towards a person's sight.


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Not much is known of his past. He is one of the greatest swordsmen from the Cheringer bloodline. Though he is shown to be a trusted aid and bodyguard to the Emperor of the Hebrion Empire he has yet to make himself well known in the story.

Alternative Life

After 13 years, only 100 humans were left from the original 150 million. These 100 people attacked Brohmier Napolitan to clear the Shadow Labyrinth. After a gruesome and devastating battle, only six out of the 100 survived the final battle. Raphaello was one of them. However, he and the rest of the six died from the natural detonation of the Dragon's Heart.

The Knight Aaron at the time could match him in power.[10]


Accompany the Emperor

During one of the noble's masquerade parties, the masked Raphaello and the other Royal Guards secret watch and protect Emperor Gilltian Jedgar F. Roguepalace during his first secret meeting with Desir Arman.

Testing the new Royal Guard

Try to break this bar, and I will protect it. If the bar breaks in under ten minutes, it’s your victory. How about it, simple enough?
— WN Chapter 196

Raphaello physically appears for the first time as the Royal Guards' commander to test Desir.

War with the Outsiders

You have two options. Either learn how to compensate for your ability’s weakness, or advance it to the point where it can’t be dealt with, even if you know how it works. Only then can you truly say you’ve reached the King-Class.
— WN Chapter 254

Before the War, Raphaello educated Pram Schneider about King-class aura. During the War, Raphaello publically debut his S-Tier artifact Gram and lead a separate team alongside Desir's when they encountered a forked road. Raphaello also fought alongside Argo of the Church of Artemis.

During the fight against Skull Mask's summoned Beast, Raphaello decisively acquired the former King-class enemy's aid to fight against danger that harmed innocent civilians.[11]

Defense Against the Church of Artemis

In the captial, Raphaello and Jean Euremrin fought against the number one Holy Paladin Argo and survived. Due to the two Royal Guards' efforts, the main defense line against the invaders held and allowing thousands to survive.


  • Raphaello was the one who first called Desir Arman 'Anti-Mage'. In the new life, he is the only who intuitively notices a familiarity towards Desir.


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