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Romantica Eru is a main character in A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special.


In the manhwa, Romantica is depicted as having brown hair and red eyes.


When Desir Arman first meets Romantica after returning from the Shadow Labyrinth she exhibits a superiority complex due to her position as a noble.

After joining the beta class and Starling Party, Romantica frequently complains about the difficulty of the training however, she remains determined when given a task by Desir.

Magic Circle

Rank Web Novel Manhwa
Tier 2 First Appereance
Tier 3 Chapter 37 Chapter 50
Tier 4 Chapter 191 Chapter 173
Tier 5 Chapter ??
Tier 6 Chapter ??
Tier 7 Chapter ??

Alternate Timeline

Academy Life

As the young lady of a baron family, Romantica was able to enter the Alpha Class at Hebrion Academy without any problem. Later on, she also joined the Blue Moon Party which considered as the best in the entire academy.

After sometime, it was discovered that Romantica was a daughter of a baron who had bought the title with money. The nobles of Alpha Class no longer acknowledge her anymore after the revelation.

Unable to tolerate the brutality from the nobles, she finally moved down to the Beta Class. However, no one accepted Romantica there too. There was nowhere else she could go.

In the Beta Class, Romantica’s talent was uncultivated and by the time she graduated, Romantica was only a Third Circle magician.

Shadow Labyrinth

Romantica entered the Shadow Labyrinth as a member of the Western Kingdoms, where she met Desir Arman once again who was from the same Beta Class.

In the eighth year, Romatica participated in the battle against Dadaneuph. During the battle, Romantica died after being split into two at the torso.

Skills & Abilities

Romantica was a wind attribute mage of the Second Circle at the start of the web novel. After being trained by Desir, she later reaches the Third Circle before entering the first Shadow World.

Romantica’s most notable technique is silent casting, which focuses on imagining the phenomenon without the assistance of a casting phrase and then realizing it using magic. This makes Romantica an exceptional sniper when used in conjunction with wind bullet and detection magic.

Romantica´s grandfather taught her all the skills necessary to survive as a merchant. She learned economics, finances, accounting and even the art of persuasion. These skills were the funds for her to run her own business and at some point even manage a small-sized company.

Fourth Mana Circle

By the time she reached the fourth mana circle, her magic was beyond the point of being called a form of sniping. With her magic reaching new levels, she was able to weponize the wind itself. While she still used detection magic, the moment she was informed of an enemy position she commanded the wind and made the preasure around her target augment severly until they simply exploted. A gruesome result not even Clothes Lines could resist. This new magic was hellish, but she became undetectable by any means, since there wasn't any bullet trajectory to read, nor a body to examine. As such, there was no blind spot and as long as the target stood where the wind was, it was imposible to escape her sniping.[1]

Her abilities didn't stop there, as she was able to rose to another form of wind magic aplication, weather contol. After Romantica departed from the Starling Party to protect her home town, the Prilecha Kingdom, she experience great development. This was proven when she cleared the sky and snow weather by controling the wind currents around her. All the snow lifted swirling in a tornado where she stood in the very center, and as it reach the sky, the clouds where forced to move from the town she was residing.


As the young lady of the Eru Trading Company, Romantica was a very capable merchant. This particular skill of her helped the Starling Party to clear their first Shadow World mission.


Romantica with Sniper Rifle.jpg

Cloth Line

As a Single Ranker, Romantica was entitled to be issued with a Cloth Line by Hebrion Academy. As a core member of the Starling Party, Romantica’s Cloth Line has been specially tailored by the Tower of Magic to address her weaknesses.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifle was Romantica’s weapon of choice in the Shadow Labyrinth. It was powered with a Second Class magic crystal, giving it a significantly powerful firepower.

Using his know-how from working with Zod Exarion in the past, Desir had taught the engineer the idea behind the sniper rifle and ended up commissioning Zod Exarion to make it. 

The rifle will integrate with the Cloth Line in order to be operated. Its uses are primarily to amplify Romantica’s magic and extend the radius of her detection magic. With the use of the rifle, a Third Circle Romantica be as powerful as a Fourth Circle magician.

Blue Rose

Blue Rose was one of the three artefacts chosen by Desir Arman from the Imperial Treasury when he became a Royal Guard

Not only this Eighth Rank artifact hide Romantica’s sound and appearance when activated, but it also hides the flow of her mana, so there’s nothing to be caught by detection magic.

This artifact was very helpful to Romantica in role as the rear support.

Promotion Battle

Romantica was promoted to the Alpha Class afterwards.

Attack on Deltaheim

Retaking the Teleportation Gate


Adjest preventing Romantica

Upon realising Desir wasn’t on board and was on his way to battle with Dadaneuph, Romantica tried to jump of the ship and support him. However, she was prevented from jumping at the last second by Ajest.

Romantica by unconcious Desir


Desir Arman

In the alternate timeline, Romantica and Desir became each other’s emotional support in such terrible battlefield. They survived for each other. It could be hinted she has romantic feelings for him.

Ajest Jedgar F. Roguepalace

Romantica has a rivalry with Ajest Jedgar F. Roguepalace.

Pram Schneider

Romantica has a good relationship with Pram and she even called him cute.

Zod Exarion


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