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A talented troublemaker who's been expelled from many magic schools, he is sent to Hebrion Academy in a final ditch effort to fix his attitude.


Rondae has red hair and red eyes, with a face covered in piercings, likely alluding to his identity as a delinquent.


Rondae believes everyone to be a bother, doing things like using magic on innocents as well as riling up trouble with nobles for fun. The only person he respects is Desir Arman, after reading up on his story when he defeated Dadaneuph, he became his biggest fan, collecting every article about him and even going as far as calling him "Big Bro" and "Boss" when they met.

Starling Party

Rondae was personally recruited into the Starling Party by his mentor, Desir Arman.

Upon the four core members’ early graduation, Rondae became the new leader of the Starling Party


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