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Royal Guards are loyal to the reigning Emperor/Empress of the Hebrion Empire, but not to the country Hebrion Empire. The Royal Guard is only appointed by the reigning Emperor/Empress and exhibit a test of his or her charisma to gather the strong.


There can be at most four Royal Guards at any given time. Each of them will be represented by an emblem. The members are usually equivalent to King-class Aura masters or 6-tier circle mages. All new members of the Royal Guard, after gaining the Emperor’s approval, must be again approved by the leader of the Royal Guard directly.

Emblem Class Member <Artifacts> Notes
Sword Swordsman Jean Euremrin

Pram Schneider (Epilogue)

King-class Swordsman.

(Epilogue) Jean retired and left to train after experiencing a fight against Church of Artemis Argo.

Bow Archer Swan Katerina <'? Bow', ?, ?> King-class Archer.

Swan retired after permanently overtaxing her Aura and forever unable to use it. She became an instructor for future Archers and Aura users.

Shield Paladin (Swordsman - Defense) Raphaello Cheringer (Leader) <Gram, ?, ?> King-class Paladin.

Positioned as the side of the Emperor/Empress as the top bodyguard.

Due to Desir's past life experience, Raphaello is the most trusted among the Royal Guards with his back.

Staff Magician Desir Arman <Mana Hole, Blue Rose, Cloud Walker, 'Memorize'> Potential Six-Circle Magician.

Vacant ever since the revolution until it was filled by Desir Arman in the Year 3614. The Staff is usually an advisor towards magic-related work.

(Epilogue): Desir semi-retired due to responsibilities as the Tower Master and managing the Artemis System.


  1. A Royal Guard will have the access for artifacts stored by the imperial family, but only 3 can be borrowed.[1]
  2. A Royal Guard will have a status equal to a Duke in the Empire and any other country with diplomatic ties with it.
  3. The Emperor will grant a Royal Guard whatever he wants, within reason and circumstance.

Side Guards

Side guards was an elite organization supporting the Royal Guard.


The countless artifacts were a testament to the immense number of Shadow Worlds that the Hebrion Empire had cleared over the centuries of its existence. And they were also testament to their power as a nation. There were many different types of artifacts including weapons, armor, accessories and many others that couldn’t be classified so simply. Each of the artifacts were marked with their name, performance, and grade. They are at least B-Tier grade artifacts. The Spear of Longinus is the only artifact forbidden to taken.[1]


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