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Shadow Labyrinth was a Class 1 Shadow World that occurred in the 3616. The objective of this Shadow World was to slay the Meteor-rank Dragon of Destruction, Brohmier Napolitan.


Before the Shadow Labyrinth itself appeared, there had been several omens that were continuously ignored by humanity. In the end, they couldn’t properly gather their forces before the Shadow Labyrinth was upon them.

By the time the Western Kingdoms and the Hebrion Empire managed to form a unified army to stand against the worst Shadow World in history, it was much too late. Ultimately, each nation gathered their most powerful people and they sent out an army of over 100 million. However, even when faced with such a calamity, the two nations had such a tumultuous history that they found it impossible to work together and had to split their forces. In this state, it was impossible to stand against the worst of all Shadow Worlds.


Year Notable Events Notable Deaths Notes
3623 Battle against Dadaneuph Romantica Eru
3624 Pram Schneider
3625 Final Battle against Brohmier Napolitan. 94 members who participated in the final battle.

Final Battle

The remaining 100 people fought against the Shadow Labyrinth’s final boss. the Meteor-rank Dragon of Destruction, Brohmier Napolitan.

It was a battle of epic proportions; truly an event which rivalled any previous legends of old. Hundreds of Draconic spells rained down upon them, as the survivors fought back desperately. What had once been the jewel of this desert, the remnants of Prehenople were ravaged by this ceaseless barrage, returning the city to the sands from whence it came.

The Earth was split asunder and the Heavens torn apart. Defensive spells which had been boasted of as impenetrable shattered like glass, and precious one-of-a-kind artifacts were destroyed as if they were no more than a child’s toy. Even those who had overcome innumerable life-or-death situations succumbed to the dragon’s overwhelming strength.

As their battle dragged on, the survivors found themselves at a greater disadvantage. Despite this bleak reality, no one gave up. They remained steadfast through their determination. They all knew that this was it, there was nowhere to fall back to if they failed here. If they could not slay the dragon in before them, the world would come to an end.

Therefore, they readily gave everything they had to defeat this powerful foe. Fuelled by their sense of duty, they would fight to the last-man. Perhaps it was this unyielding spirit which called forth a miracle.


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