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Starling Party, formerly known as Desir’s Party, was a Hebrion Academy party established by Desir Arman in the

For some time, this party remained nameless and only referred as Desir’s party. After the event of Dungeon Attack, this party was named as the Starling Party, based on Desir Arman’s dormitory in the Hebrion Academy.


  1. Improve the learning conditions for commoners.
  2. Improve the relationship between nobles and commoners.
  3. Beta Class members to become Alpha Class.
  4. Alpha Class members to become Single Rankers.

Starling Party was the second party of Hebrion Academy that has successfully cleared a Class 3 Shadow World aside from Blue Moon Party. This feat was achieved in the year 3614 by the four core members of the party, Desir Arman, Ajest Kingscrown, Romantica Eru and Pram Schneider.

As such, their power and teamwork have been officially acknowledged by the Hebrion Empire, and they are empowered with the same authority as a knight of the empire.

The party members also did not need to worry about completing their schooling and could accept work outside of the Hebrion Academy.

Year 3613

Promotion Battle

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