Starling Party, formerly known as Desir’s Party, was a Hebrion Academy party established by Desir Arman in the year 3613. The original Starling Party members were commoners from the Beta Class.

Name[edit | edit source]

For some time, this party remained nameless and only referred as Desir’s party. After the event of Dungeon Attack, this party was named as the Starling Party, based on Desir Arman’s dormitory in the Hebrion Academy.

Objective[edit | edit source]

  1. Improve the learning conditions for commoners.
  2. Improve the relationship between nobles and commoners.
  3. Beta Class members to become Alpha Class.
  4. Alpha Class members to become Single Rankers.

Knighthood[edit | edit source]

Starling Party was the second party of Hebrion Academy that has successfully cleared a Class 3 Shadow World aside from Blue Moon Party. This feat was achieved in the year 3614 by the four core members of the party, Desir Arman, Ajest Kingscrown, Romantica Eru and Pram Schneider.

As such, their power and teamwork have been officially acknowledged by the Hebrion Empire, and they are empowered with the same authority as a knight of the empire.

The party members also did not need to worry about completing their schooling and could accept work outside of the Hebrion Academy.

Year 3613[edit | edit source]

Promotion Battle[edit | edit source]

Starling Party participated in the promotion battle as a 3-man team.The party’s objective was for all of its members to be one of the nine single rankers and be promoted from Beta Class to Alpha Class.

As Single Rankers, all members of the party was promoted to the Alpha Class despite being commoners. They are also known as ‘Super Rookies’.

Tear of Ragnell[edit | edit source]

As the reward, Tower of Magic offered 120 golds to the party. However, the monetary reward was rejected by Desir Arman in lieu of a chess game with the Master of the Magic Tower, Zod Exarion.

Attack on Deltaheim[edit | edit source]

The Starling Party distinguished itself during the Attack on Deltaheim after the members managed to retake the teleportation gate previously controlled by the Outsiders. This action effectively cutting off the Outsider’s reinforcement while allowing the Western Kingdoms’ own reinforcement to arrive.

In the same battle, Starling Party also helped the citizens to evacuate the city.

Finally, the party leader’s instrumental action in defeating the Demon of Doom, Dadaneuph caused the Starling Party to be famous in the Western Kingdoms and Hebrion Empire.

Dungeon Attack[edit | edit source]

Starling Party joint the party competition ‘Dungeon Attack’. Only the youngest member Len didn’t participate due to the 6 person quota was exceeded.

Desir Arman co-operated with the beleaguered Blue Moon Party and Red Dragon Party to escape from the compromised dungeon.

Year 3614[edit | edit source]

Promotion Battle[edit | edit source]

Five First Year members from Beta Class successfully advanced to the Alpha Class by becoming Single Rankers. Rondae Fizzlebang became the No. 1 Single Ranker.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Name Rank Role Academy Batch Notes
Brigette Faculty Adviser
Desir Arman Leader Mage 172nd
Ajest Kingscrown Vice-leader Magic Swordsman 172nd Joined the party after she resigned from the Blue Moon Party.
Romantica Eru Core member Mage 172nd First member Desir Arman recruited.
Pram Schneider Core member Swordsman 172nd Second member Desir Arman recruited
Takilan Member Swordsman 171st
Pretzel Member Mage 172nd
Rondae Fizzlebang Member 173rd

Organisation[edit | edit source]

  1. Core members
  2. Sub members
  3. Apprentices

Core Members[edit | edit source]

Four main members of the Starling Party

The core members are the party’s main strength.

  1. Desir Arman
  2. Ajest Kingscrown
  3. Romantica Eru
  4. Pram Schneider

Sub members[edit | edit source]

The sub-party members have more experience and achievement than probationary party members, although not by much. These factors prevented them from being considered part of the main force. For their level, they could provide limited assistance to the main force as they continued to develop.

They have the chance to be promoted as a core party member in the future.

  1. Takilan
  2. Pretzel
  3. Rondae Fizzlebang

Probationary members[edit | edit source]

Probationary party members are new students with low or unreliable military might and were still in need of further training. At present they were difficult to incorporate into the power and are still in need of training.

Desir instructed them to familiarize themselves with the basics taught in their academy classes, and furthered their education as a group outside of class, focusing on the elements that the academy neglected.

Office[edit | edit source]

At first, the Starling Party was assigned a Beta Class training room as its office.

After the Promotion Battle which saw the part members all promoted to Alpha Class, their office was upgrade into a (slightly) better.

Year 3614, the Hebrion Academy gave the entire fourth floor of the West Wing to the Starling Party.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Due to Desir Arman’s status as the Technical Adviser of the Tower of Magic, the party received lots of perks from the tower. This includes customised state-of-the art equipment and manpower assistance.

Cloth Lines[edit | edit source]

Instead of standard Cloth Lines like the rest of Single Rankers, the members were issued with customised and the most advanced Cloth Line the Tower of Magic developed.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Desir is able to get items from the tower and use his past knowledge to attain weapons.

Hebrion Empire[edit | edit source]

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