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The Queen Class Archer - Swan Katarina - is like Raphael one of the four Royal Guard of the Hebrion Empire. She is also the best archer in the empire.


Swan is a good-looking woman of small stature and has a southern accent.


Swan has a fairly impulsive personality.


Swan was an orphan and when the Rogfelas family sponsored Orphanages in order to raise solders, she was the one with the most overwhelming talent that no other child could compare with. After her talent got recognized by Gilltian Jedgar F. Roguepalace, she became a brave solder who devoted entirely to the Rogfelas family. During a mission on behalf of the Roguepalace Family, she came to meet Ajest.

During the revolution, Swan stood on the side of the Imperial Army and fought against the Revolutionary Army. Because of that time, she knows Crow Mask.

After the civil war, the Empire recognised her as the strongest archer and was appointed as a Royal Guard.


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