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Takilan was a commoner student of the Hebrion Academy.

Year 3613

Joining the Starling Party

Takilan joined the Starling Party at the start of the second semester with his younger brother, Len.

Dungeon Raid

Takilan was a part of Starling Party’s six-man team to clear the Eienbez’s Dungeon.

Year 3614

New Year Celebration

Takilan received a new year gift from the Tower of Magic, a great sword that glowed brilliantly in the dark. It was a sword forged with black iron.

Black iron was somewhat heavier than steel, but it was far harder than any regular alloy of steel. It was the preferred material of many swordsmen due to its combination of strength and weight.

In addition, a shield magic was enchanted on to the sword which allowed it to simultaneously have a high offensive and defensive might, affording the wielder more options during battle.


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