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The Tower of Magic was an organization focusing on development of magic led by Zod Exarion. It possesses multiple branches around the world, but it's mainly based in the city state of Althea, which it helped staying independent thanks to its sole presence.

The workshop of zod exarion is very probably situated within the main branch.

It was home for some time to the tear of reganel, a tier 2 magic gem, which was targeted by the outer.


Tower Master

Tower Master is the leader of the Tower of Magic.

Zod Exarion was the Tower Master until his death at the hands of Priscilla Heisilgard during the Battle of Althea.

After the death of Zod Exarion, Desir Arman became the new Tower Master as per Zod’s will.

Vice-Tower Master

Hephaestus served as the Vice-Tower Master first under Zod Exarion and then Desir Arman.

Technical Adviser

A special position created at the request of Desir Arman for himself.

Despite the position was filled by a mere student who not even graduated yet, the members of the Tower have a high respect towards the adviser.

After Desir became the new Tower Master, it is assumed that this position was abolished.


Hebrion Academy

Each year, Tower of Magic will sponsor a certain number of parties from the Hebrion Academy.

Starling Party

Due to Desir Arman position as the Technical Adviser, Starling Party received special privileges from the Tower of Magic.

Aside from a hefty monetary sponsorship, the party will received the latest and the most advanced equipment from the Tower. The equipment also will be tailor made to suit a particular Starling Party member.


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