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Western Kingdoms was an alliance made of five kingdoms.

The Five Kingdoms

  1. Adeina Kingdom
  2. Divide Kingdom
  3. Prilecha Kingdom
  4. Arunbeth
  5. Lemton Kingdom

Grand Council

The Grand Council was a meeting of the most influential members in the Western Kingdoms.

Aside from the kings, representatives from Tower of Magic and Church of Artemis may attend the Grand Council.


Hebrion Empire

Historically, Hebrion Empire and the Western Kingdoms were on bad terms. It was only after the Holy Kingdom fell that they had no choice but to form an uneasy partnership to bring humanity back from the brink of extinction, but there was a lingering animosity between the two.

In the past, the two nations devolved into a bitter war before the Shadow Worlds started appearing. Rivers of blood flowed and many compared it to the mythical War of Good and Evil. By the time the Shadow Worlds began, the grudge was deep-seated and small skirmishes erupted whenever a Shadow World was being subjugated.

Because of the Shadow Worlds, the Western Kingdoms and Hebrion Empire had formed a peace treaty in order to survive. As such, citizens of both nations could freely move between the two countries, but obtaining an entry permit was still quite a finicky and time consuming process.

Tower of Magic

Tower of Magic

Church of Artemis

Church of Artemis

Priscilla Heisilgard was considered as the ‘Sixth King of the Western Kingdoms’.


After the Attack on Deltaheim, Outsiders became the Western Kingdoms’ number one public enemy.


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